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The Puppet Coach for Professionals, Established Theatres, and Independent Scene

Do you need someone to enhance the puppet scenes in your production?

You already have a script/idea/play and are working with actors and a director, but you want to incorporate puppetry into the performance and lack experience in this area?


At the intersection between traditional theatre and puppetry, challenges often arise. With targeted "puppet coaching" or puppet direction, both domains can be successfully integrated. I am here to help. I will join your team for a few days and take care of:


  • Bringing your script idea to life
  • Ensuring the proper manipulation of the puppets (movement impulses, breath of the character, speech, etc.)
  • Establishing the rhythm of the puppet scenes
  • If necessary, improving the playability of the puppets or modifying key movement impulses
  • Motivating the performers, if needed


It is the most gratifying experience for me to witness:

  • Scenes coming to life
  • Characters gaining energy, presence, and impact, transitioning from mere props to performers
  • Performers being energized and empowered by their ability to handle the puppets, with scenes flowing seamlessly and their work bearing fruit


I have previously worked at the State Theater in Oldenburg, multiple times at the young theater in Augsburg, and in the independent theater scene. I was so enthralled by this work that I am eager to continue it.