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You want to create a small performance for a birthday or anniversary, or professionally incorporate puppetry? It's a fantastic idea, but sometimes not easy to execute. The real magic happens when you know-how.


Tailored to your specific needs, Puppenschuppen offers play workshops for beginners and advanced participants, as well as scenic direction for professional performers.


The Art of Clapping-mouth Puppet Play

for use in kindergartens, schools, families, or therapy

Target audience: Adults and children aged 8 and above

How can a Clapping-mouth Puppet come to life?


In a practical, playful, and professionally skilled manner, I will help you unleash the magic of a character!


With a lot of enthusiasm, humour, and creativity, we will discover the essence and type of a character. We will explore different ways of expression and presentation. We'll uncover the distinctive characteristics, abilities, and even the small "flaws" and quirks that make a character lovable and human. We will learn how to bring out their best qualities.


The main focuses of the course are:

  • Character development
  • Body posture of the player and the puppet
  • Various performance techniques (with and without a partition)
  • Voice usage, speech impulses, gazes, and movement impulses
  • Enhancing quirks and more – including small tricks and helpful tips for performance

Feel free to bring your own Clapping-mouth Puppet. If you don't have one, various "personalities" await you.

No previous knowledge is required.

"When the Bean spoke to the Melon..."

The Art of Object Play

-Bringing a story to life using objects

Whether it's a kitchen sieve, a table tennis ball, a cola can, or a desk lamp, in object theatre, any object can become a protagonist or a character.


Playing with objects is a fascinating and captivating aspect of puppetry. Instead of using crafted puppets, we experiment with everyday objects, found items, or natural materials on stage. These objects are taken out of their original context and transform into performers. Through their material properties, original functions, and associative fields, they tell us about their traits, peculiarities, and character. These object qualities are integrated into the play and character development.


For young adults aged 12 and above

Shadow on the wall - Shadow Play

Body parts, objects, and figures come to life on the shadow wall, telling their stories.

In this workshop, you will learn a wide range of possibilities for projecting different types of shadows: two- and "three-dimensional" shadows, shadows made from liquids, shadows with your own body and flat figures. Various types of light sources create ever-changing images, altering proportions, and revealing visual curiosities.

Including tips and tricks on achieving maximum impact with minimal resources.

We will create our own shadow figures (with or without joints) and invent a story to accompany them. Upon request, everyone can build a simple, small shadow theatre to take home and start performing right away.

For children aged 6 and above and adults.